Academy Tries to be Socially Conscious, Still Enrages Audience

Eager to finally please a progressive audience, the Academy Awards seemed destined to attain their goal. However, as Catherine Shoard (from the Guardian) writes (real quote) “Finally, they looked in step and progressive… And then Green Book took best picture.” She details the horrors of a Green Book victory in more detail below.

(real quote) “The presenters were also conspicuously diverse, with 29 of the 52 non-white. In a year that saw landmark victories for black women in technical categories, the Academy was making an obvious but admirable bid to give airtime to people of colour. It worked. Finally, they looked in step and progressive… And then Green Book took best picture… to award a movie whose take on race relations seems more suited to its 60s setting than 2019 was an extraordinary final-reel slap in the face from this hitherto impeccable ceremony. More than that, it undid all the efforts that had come before.”

Like many progressive viewers, Shoard was counting exactly how many people walked onto the stage, separating them by their race. She created a spreadsheet, marking down each individual and categorizing them according to their race to prove the Academy categorizes people based on race.  When she counted up her numbers, she was satisfied. That was until Green Book won for best picture, bringing to the stage way too many white guys, ruining the statistics and destroying the night. But most importantly, destroying progress.

As Jason O. Gilbert writes, (real quote) “Green Book is an inspirational tale of how we can end racism if everyone, regardless of background, just works together. So please welcome the stage the producers of Green Book: 1000 white guys who were all born in 1961″

Many others shared the tolerant and definitely not racist behavior that progressives are widely known for.

(real quote) “I wish folks would stop jumping in Black people’s mentions Whitesplaining how we should feel about Green Book. Y’all are annoying af. Go be productive and instead educate yourselves on Victor Hugo Green and the REAL history of Green Book travel book.” – Rebecca Theodore-Vachon

(real quote) “Soooo, let’s just be absolutely clear: “Green Book” was definitely not the Best Picture of the year, but it was certainly the most comforting movie for fragile white people who need that sort of thing in our Era of Trump.” – Charlotte Clymer

(real quote) “Green Book? More like the White Pages” – Ira

It was an almost for the Academy. They picked the right kind of movie, but the wrong movie. As Academy Director Shmike Shmoon told us “We thought we did it right. We didn’t realize this movie was directed by a white man with the help of other white men. We didn’t even consider it. Next year, we’ll be sure it’s the first thing we look at.”

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